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Interesting portfolio


Annual Report


The biggest single project we undertook last year was the feasibility study and tender for the major parts of the Thorsil silicon metal factory in Helguvík.

There was also an upturn in fisheries, and we secured a considerable amount of service work related to the sector. One example of this is the interesting project we undertook to change the processing line in the trawler Skálaberg, owned by Brim. Active marketing abroad is bearing fruit for HRV Engineering and will lead to more projects in 2015.

The Icelandic market is also picking up – albeit slowly – and we forecast growth next year. We should also mention a much smaller interesting project which was completed last year: a biogas treatment plant in Northern Iceland. Smaller projects are also important, as they build expertise and make for a more interesting overall portfolio.

Big and small

“Small projects are also important.”


Eyjólfur Árni Rafnsson

Managing Director for Industry

The data centre industry

We are involved in many interesting innovative and pioneering projects in the fisheries industry. We are also members of the ‘Iceland Ocean Cluster’, which features many interesting start-up companies with potential for growth. Through HRV Engineering, we are providing services to the aluminium industry and will continue to do so. A great deal of our work is for data centres, which have in fact become something of an industry here in Iceland. We see considerable long-term opportunities here, as the Icelandic environment is very conducive to such operations.

We expect work to begin on Thorsil’s silicon metal factory in Helguvík this year. We also expect for the seafood industry to begin investing more in the near future and resume maintenance work which has for some time been on hold.

Project Examples 2014

Project Example 2014


Production line in Skálaberg RE 7

“It is really exciting taking on project management, project control, and supervision of installation, operations and contracting with twenty contractors for a project of some eighty people.”

Project Example 2014


Grundartangi alloy factory

“Elkem has strict requirements for minimising environmental impact and ensuring high levels of operational and staff safety. These requirements tie in nicely with our constant prioritisation of safety and quality assurance.”

Project Example 2014


Aluminium projects for HRV

Various projects for Norsk Hydro, Rio Tinto Alcan, Alcoa, Norðurál, Hicast and Dubal.

“Our marketing efforts abroad are bearing fruit, and we foresee some most interesting projects in the next few years. Projects in Iceland have been small, and 2014 was one of the most difficult years since HRV began operations. The outlook for the aluminium industry has improved, and there are signs that aluminium-plant activities will increase slightly in 2015. HRV’s revenue is predicted to grow by 50% year-on-year, thanks mainly to foreign projects.”

Skapti Valsson


Project Example 2014


The Thorsil silicon metal plant

Design, environmental impact assessment (EIA) and feasibility study for the financing of the Thorsil silicon metal plant to be built in Helguvík. Mannvit will be responsible for the design, procurement and construction of the plant.

“This large project is in our area of expertise of project management, engineering, technical solutions, supervision and project planning in the field of energy-intensive industry. We have decades of experience at our disposal.”

Project Example 2014


Petrol stations, fuel storage and a landing pier

“It has been very interesting to follow Atlantsolía almost from the very beginning and play such a big part in the development of the company. The diversity of ways in which Mannvit is involved is particularly pleasing and shows the extensive knowledge base of the company.”

Bjarki Kristjánsson

Project Manager

Complete renewal of the processing/freezing line on board a stern trawler owned by Brim. The changes involved setting up a freezing line for pelagic fish with a freezing capacity of up to 220 tonnes per day.

Construction and installation of new smoke hoods for plant furnaces #1 and #2 together with the cooling systems connected to them. A new packing line for loose material in containers was designed and hooked up to the existing system, with improvements to various processing systems and equipment for Elkem.

Einar Bjarni Sturluson

Project Manager

Gunnar Óli Sigurðsson

Project Manager

Ásgeir Kr. Sigurðsson

Project Manager

Mannvit has been in charge of all engineering design, preparation of tender documents, tendering, purchasing, supervision and monitoring for the building of nineteen Atlantsolía self-service petrol stations from 2013. Mannvit has also taken on various types of projects related to the operation of the company’s petrol stations, fuel storage and landing pier.