We offer comprehensive solutions in infrastructure projects, from the initial preparations to supervision.

Development in Norway

Annual Report


Good performance

The five star hotel next to Harpa Conference and Concert Hall is a large project and took a lot of time out of the year. We also achieved our goals in Norway, which we now consider to be a domestic market, and sealed some big contracts there – mostly in tunnel-design and maintenance. We have a few big projects in Norway lasting for more than one year, as well as the hotel here in Iceland, which is scheduled to take three years. It is not common for engineering for infrastructure projects to stretch far into the future in Iceland. Most often, projects are smaller and take a few months to complete. This position we are in brings about a certain amount of stability, and we are positive about the future.

Recent years have seen us grow steadily and 2014 was no exception. Our main customers – municipalities and key contractors – have increased in number.

“We sealed some big contracts in Norway – mostly in tunnel-design and maintenance.”


Tryggvi Jónsson

Managing Director for Infrastructure

Higher technical rating

Norway will continue to be our key market with plenty of exciting projects on offer. Now that the oil companies have reduced investment, there is more competition on the tendering market.


We are responding by raising our technical rating in Norway by taking on more projects. We are also looking into possibilities for cooperation with other companies, both in Iceland and in Norway.


There is still very tough price competition in the Icelandic market, and some projects go for just a fraction of cost price. This is why we have been focusing on increasing our competitiveness in Norway as well as developing our own projects. We are involved in such projects from the outset and even put in the equity share ourselves. We are then involved in the whole process, from setting up the project to delivering the final product.

Projects Examples 2014

Project Example 2014


Nursing home in Egilsstadir

Construction management and project control during construction of the building of an elderly nursing home in Egilsstadir for the Eastern Iceland Health Institute.

“With these forty beds, service for all elderly people has improved and a lack of places is a thing of the past here in Egilsstadir.”

Skarphéðinn Smári Þórhallsson

Managing Director of Mannvit in Egilsstadir

Project Example 2014


Motorway bridges in Norway

“It is an interesting challenge to participate in the design of eleven bridges totalling 1,680 m in length, the shortest 25 m and the longest 345 m. This is probably more bridge building than has been built in Iceland in the past ten years.”

Torfi G. Sigurðsson

Project Manager

Project Example 2014


Tunnels in Norway

“The contract is for fifteen tunnels by 2018 with the possibility of more. Our methodology of risk analysis, preliminary design and tender design has been very well received with the customer, and the design of the first part could not have gone better.”

Atli Karl Ingimarsson

Project Manager

Project Example 2014


Telecommunications in Iceland

“It was a real pleasure to work on a project like this which promotes habitation in all parts of the country. Improved telecommunications is one of the foundations of modern living – we therefore looked at what form such telecommunications could take and the scale of such a project. Fibre-optic connection was viewed as a long-term solution, where good use could be made of Mannvit’s expertise.”

Mannvit is a consultant for the design of various bridges in Norway, over and near the E18 motorway between Oslo and Stockholm. The E18 Retved-Vinterbro project involves planning and designing the final part of the new four-lane H9 motorway from the Swedish border to Vinterbro, to the east of Oslo.

Design of updated road tunnels in one of the five road-building regions in Norway. The purpose is to meet the requirements laid down in European regulations for minimum safety in road tunnels.

Analysis and planning for fibre-optic connections in rural areas of Iceland, including mapping of the areas and places with no fibre-optic connection, preliminary design of a fibre-optic system and assessment of the extent and cost of setting up a new system. The plan was to connect around 4,000 building in rural areas all around Iceland.

Magnús Hauksson

Project Manager